About MiradaHosting.co.uk

MiradaHosting.co.uk was originally setup by MiradaWebs.co.uk as a sister company acting as a hosting resource for it's web design clients. As Mirada had earnt itself a reputation for a high quality of web design service alongside friendly, easy to understand customer support, word spread. An increasing number of clients were requesting a hosting solution for websites that they already owned, either produced by the client in-house or by another web design service. The sister company stemmed from MiradaWebs at an early stage and has enjoyed growing success ever since. We've not lost our roots though; we still work hand-in-hand with MiradaWebs to provide seamless hosting solutions to their clients.

Well, there you have it. We don't want to bore you with paragraphs of jibber-jabber. We hope you find our service is the best around! If you don't then we would love to hear how we can improve on it - negative feedback would be just as much use to us as positive - so don't be shy!

Kind Regards

The MiradaHosting.co.uk team